A definitive guide to clearing $5M after tax and creating $10M+ in enterprise value in 3 years or less, even without previous experience by becoming a Growth Consultant.


  • ​How to get to escape velocity ($5m after tax) in less than 3 years using the growth consulting vehicle.
  • ​A step-by-step break down of how the growth consulting vehicle works.
  • Things to avoid. 
  • How to use leverage. When to use online programs and when not to...
  • ​How to mesh sales, marketing, and product-development to create real impact for a client. 
  • The order in which you need to learn the skills. 
  • ​What to do with earnings once you get them. 
  • ​Case studies. Stories. Real Results. No Nonsense. 
  • ​Common Qs
  • ​How to allocate time + how to handle your life as you are grinding. 
Presented By: Nick Kozmin, B.Sc. Engineering Physics
Founder of Salesprocess.io, 2000 Customers in 3 years.17 Exits for Over $1B. Work horse. Optimist. 

We had 7 reps sign up and pay us $2k each in the first hiring round

Ravi Abuvala - Scaling With Systems

We hired over 30+ reps and that gets us at $300k per month in revenue

Jastej Singh - Generateagentleads.com

We just hired 4 new reps last week (10 in total). Time to hit that $500k-$1m months.

Moran Pober - Acquisitions.com

In the first hiring round we got 5 new reps that paid us to join our team

Mitch Gonsalves - Executive Advantage
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